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Baby Boomer Business Owners Freedom Retiremet Event  

If you are thinking that selling your business will fund your retirement, you are out of your mind.  

Waterman CHADSTONE | Tuesday October 30 2018 @ 6:00pm

  Chris has a common sense approach to making sure that you focus on the basics to achieving financial freedom whilst still following your dream.

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The Freedom Retirement event will help you understand if you have enough money to fund your retirement

Are you unsure how you will manage the transition to retirement?

You have worked hard your whole life, now you want to transition out of your business into a Finacially Comfortable Retirement 

As a Baby Boomer Business Owner you have worked hard your whole in business. You are at a stage in your life where you are looking to move to the next stage. But, you are unsure if you can transition to retirement. 

Why should I attend? 

You are feeling these three problems:

WILL I OUTLIVE MY MONEY IN RETIREMENT- You've built a solid foundation after a lot of hard work. But will it be enough? Did you get enough from the sale of your business to fund your retirement? Or do you know how much you need for retirement? Will you need to go back to work in a few years time? Will you have enough to leave some money to the kids?  

HOW DO I PAY FOR MY EXPENSES, MEDICAL BILLS & HOLIDAYS IN RETIREMENT - You enjoy a certain lifestyle now. But will it continue? How will you generate the income you need to pay for your day to day living costs not to mention the medical bills and the holidays that you really deserve. Will you be able to generate enough money from your investments to fund these costs? 

HOW DO I MAKE SURE I DON'T LOSE MY MONEY IN RETIREMENT - You don't want to watch the share market all day, but you also don't want to risk your hard earned money. How do you manage your investments without spending all day looking watching the business channel or dealing with tennants? Is there a way you can protect your money while still generating the income you need?

This 1-hour jam-packed event is specially designed for you. We know your time is precious so the focus is on Getting Stuff Done. You will walk away with the knowledge of where you sit financially as you transition to retirement.  

We know how tough it is to get the right advice. 

That's why we've developed the Freedom Retirement Event to maximise the value of your time and focus on action so you get the maximum benefit. 



Chris Nairn is the Managing Director of Equus Partners Wealth Management. Having been a multiple business owner himself, he specialises in helping Baby Boomer Business Owners Transition to a Financially Comfortable Retirement so they can enjoy the lifestyle they desire. A certified financial planner with more than 15 years of experience, Chris' passion is enabling his clients to spend more time with their family, have an impact on the community and create a lasting legacy. He has written his first book, Freedom Assets: The Entrepreneur's Roadmap to Financial Freedom.


Here's what you'll learn...  

  • The Biggest Problems & Mistakes that are stopping you from a comfortable retirement  
  • Understand the Prize & the Ultimate Reward on offer for you
  • Learn the 5 Step Method to transition to a Financially Comfortable Retirement 


Waterman Chadstone 



Situated in Australia’s largest shopping centre, Chadstone, Waterman Chadstone is a beautiful event centres that inspire ideas and cultivate connections.

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