As a busy Technology Industry Employee, you need an easy to implement Employee Share Scheme Scoreboard so you can manage your tax

Are you selling shares to cover your tax bill?  

Is your tax bill increasing each year? 

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Never have another tax surprise at the end of the financial year 

See how you can plan out your tax payable each Financial Year from your ESS or ESPP Shares

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An Expert Adviser You Can Trust 

Chris Nairn is the Managing Director of Equus Partners Wealth Management. 

He specialises in helping Professionals with employee share schemes use these shares as a platform to create wealth and Financial Freedom.  

A certified financial planner with more than fifteen years of experience, Chris' passion is enabling his clients to spend more time with their family, have an impact on the community and create a lasting legacy. 

He has written his first book, Freedom Assets: The Roadmap to Financial Freedom.  


There are 3 things you need to do to get the most from your Employee Share Scheme 


Understand the tax implications of your Share Scheme each financial year


Plan out and put aside money for the extra tax you will pay on your Share Scheme each year 


Have a plan use your share scheme to create wealth and Financial Freedom

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